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December 07, 2007


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Chris O'Connor


Very nicely done. Will be back to read more.


Such a nice way to "get away".

Tim Kasemodel

So glad you are doing this Teresa.

I listen to the Thom Hartmann show alot and he often eludes to the growing influence that media, beaurocratic (sp?) and corporate powers have to control what people hear and believe.

I am reminded of what we as parents of autistic kids see everyday when we try to convince others to simply open their eyes. Hell, I can't even get my 74 year old mother to demand a mercury free flu shot. The kool-aid is plentiful - I believe you can use your talents to persuade some to drink from a more pure source, in whatever topic you choose.

Shelley Grimshaw

I am so happy to find your blog and think you are amazing. I have a son with autism and I wondered if you think it is worthwhile to test for the HHV6 A and B variant?

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